Post Analog Painting II

The Hole NYC


Exhibition Catalogue.

Softcover, 72 pages

Rainbow foil stamped title

Saddle-stitch binding

Published by Anteism

The catalogue for the celebrated second installment of digitally-influenced painting is here Post Analog Painting II. This twenty-six person exhibition was on view at The hole from April 8 - May 14th, 2017.

In the catalogue all works are reproduced with short texts on the artist, introduction by curator Kathy Grayson and installation views. 

Including: Anne Vieux, Austin Lee, Ben Jones, Caroline Larsen, Drake Carr, Eric Shaw, Guy Yanai, Jeanette Hayes, Joe Reihsen, Josh Reames, Julie Curtiss, Keith Farquhar, Kristin Baker, Lauren Silva, Mariah Dekkenga, Mark Wehberg, Matthew Hansel, Matthew Stone, Michael Dotson, Morgan Blair, Robin F. Williams, Royal Jarmon, Ry David Bradley and Trudy Benson!

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