Dash Snow & Dan Colen "Nest"

Deitch Projects



exhibition catalogue

Deitch Projects, 2009

200 pages Hardcover


edited by Dash Snow, Dan Colen, Jade Berreau, Kathy Grayson


Amid the rolling hills of paper is a salmagundi of feathers, unidentifiable filth and fluids (mostly piss and liquor, though one hopes for at least a smidgeon of blood and cum). Sticks and bottles breach the drywall, while graffiti, scumbled with streaks of mysterious liquid, consumes every inch of the walls. One bit, like a laconic Richard Prince, reads I MAY NOT GO DOWN IN HISTORY, BUT I'LL GO DOWN ON YER LIL SISTER... wrote David Velasco in his artforum.com diary entry devoted to Dash Snow and Dan Colen's blowout New York Deitch Projects installation, Nest. Along with a bevy of collaborators, including Terence Koh, Hanna Liden, Nate Lowman and Adam McEwan, Snow and Colen filled the space with over 3,000 shredded phone books and in a bacchanalian performance piece-trashed the gallery during several overnight sessions. Designed by the artists, this book features gritty behind-the-scenes photos

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