Dan Lam (b. 1988, Philippines) is known for her drips, blobs and squishes: inventive new sculptures made of foam, resin and acrylic. Adorned with acrylic “spikes” or Swarovski crystals, these works play with notions of body image, imperfection and decadence. In this show “Hands On” she exhibits for the first time iridescent ceiling drips and cushiony floor blobs; all touchable and interactive. Her futuristic color sensibility combined with the tactile quality of her work is so enticing! It’s hard to tell whether the urge is to touch it, take it home or try to eat it. Here, you can touch any works that say “TOUCH ME”, you can take home a work if you want to purchase it and you can also eat a Dan Lam-designed dessert! Follow her @sopopomo

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