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Forever Mag Issue III

Forever Mag


The Hole Shop is proud to present Forever Magazine!

Featuring The Hole's very own Anne Vieux.

Adrian Mangel, Anne Vieux, Blake Butler, Brad Phillipps, Brian Kelly, Bud Smith, Charlotte Fox, Cristine Brache, Christian Lorentzen, Eli Todd, Hannah Lupton Reinhard, Honor Levy, Joe George, Jon Lindsey, Kristen Liu Wong, Kyra Baldwin, Lucia Love, Luke Pelletier, Miranda Popkey, Megan Boyle, Nico Walker, Qiaoyi Shi, Ryan Travis Christian, Sam Berman, Scott Mcclanahan, Shannon Cartier Lucy, Tao Lin, Tea Hacic-Vlahovic, Trevor Yardley-Jones, Zebadiah Keneally
90 pages long
Cover: 200gsm Gloss
inside pages 115gsm Gloss
Four color printed throughout
Printed in Essex, England by Ex Why Zed

Forever Mag is a literary journal publishing weekly online and quarterly in print. Since the fall of 2020, Forever’s evolution into a print project happened organically. Born from the Hollywood Forever Cemetery as a reading series, the project responded to a sense of a malaise after the pandemic, a scarcity of journals publishing peripheral/outsider writers, and a desire to foster a literary culture in Los Angeles. Forever has included work by Tao Lin, Honor Levy, Sam Pink, Dennis Cooper, Fiona Duncan and Nico Walker and given voice to talented, emerging writers.

Madeline Cash founded the project in LA and expanded the team with Anika Levy as a New York Editor & Event Organizer and Natalia Ruiz as Creative Director & Designer. This third issue, themed Love & Loss, features work by renowned artists like Kristen Liu Wong, Luke Pelletier, Shannon Cartier Lucy, Hannah Lupton Reinhard & Adrian Mangel. 

Since its origins, Forever's mission has been simple: bring back the community, enthusiasm and sheen that once surrounded the literary scene. 

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