Peggy Noland Has Balls

Scott Brewster

Take The Rock to the Rock

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Hole is pleased to present the first New York runway show and performance by hot young designer Peggy Noland during Fall Fashion Week.

She is a fashion designer on the verge: her outrageous spandex concoctions put her on the map a few years ago outfitting bands CCS and Tilly and the wall, her outfits for Kansas City band SSION and soon The Gossip are two more awesome music collaborations, and she once sent me some apple print Scratch-and-Sniff leggings in the mail that really smelled! She has a shop in Kansas City that she does a completely different and fantastic fashion/sculpture installation every few moths and she currently has a trashy pop-up shop in our Cody Critcheloe - SSION exhibition at The Hole.

Peggy will be debuting her new line of unisex sportswear. Please join us in this old school gym for Gatorade, models, basketball, and huge foam fingers.

All Photos by Meghan LaLa