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The Hole and LEVI’S are proud to announce POSTERMAT, a big holiday poster show including two hundred new artist posters in the 104 Greene Street space. Activating our expansive team of artists from Downtown to Tokyo, San Francisco to Providence to London to Athens, we will present special limited edition posters from artists both infamous and new to the scene.

For $75 you can take home an awesome piece of artwork or have your art-minded friend love you forever with the coolest holiday gift around. Each poster is an edition of 50, first come first serve, available in person starting at the opening and then also for purchase on our website the next morning.

Aaron Bondaroff, Alison Schulnick, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Andrew Kuo, Ara Peterson, ARE Weapons, Aurel Schmidt, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Angeline Rivas, Alex Gartenfeld, and that is just the A’s! Barry McGee, Clare Rojas, Brad Kahlhamer, Kembra Pfahler, Bruce LaBruce, Dave Schubert, Dearrraindrop, Evan Gruzis, Gavin McInnes, Opening Ceremony, Jack Pierson, Jade Berreau, Keegan McHargue, Kunle Martins, Patrick Griffin, Maripol, Mat Brinkman, Robert Lazzarini, Shepard Fairey, Xylor Jane, Hanah Liden, Yoko Ono, and many, many more.

POSTERMAT was a fantastic shop on E 8th street in the Village where kids in the 80s and 90s got the best punk, indie, impossible-to-find posters for their teenage bedrooms. We never got to see what this place was like, and since we couldn’t even find images anywhere, we decided to recreate what we think this grungy haven might have looked like in our gallery for a new generation of underground weirdos to experience. Posters everywhere! Racks all around the room, slapping back and forth, pins, stickers and patches, music and more. If you remember the old Postermat, come tell us if we got it right! Bring photos if you have them too!!!

The idea for this exhibition came from artist Aaron Bondaroff at dinner this past summer. A-ron frequented Postermat as a kid and helped us develop the feel of the show. The exhibition was made possible by generous support from LEVIS and in partnership with Proof 7 the best new printers in New York City.

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