Hot Glue Hullabaloo

Scott Brewster


OPENING: OCTOBER 28, 2010 6pm-9pm


NEW YORK, NY 10012

The Hole is excited to announce our fourth exhibition at the 104 Greene Street Gallery: Hot Glue Hullabaloo, a collaboration between downtown art legend Kenny Scharf and Virgina Beach art collective Dearraindrop. Coming together to make paintings, sculpture and a mini blacklight disco, these artists will present a fantastic array of new work and a hot mess of glue gunning action.

Kenny was born in Los Angeles and came to prominence in the 80s interdisciplinary art scene making sparkly, pop-ed and monstrous paintings and installations. With Keith Haring he created the first of his blacklight disco installations, called “cosmic closet” in the closet of their Times Square apartment. That project has grown and morphed into its most recent incarnation, “Cosmic Caver” with Scott Ewalt in Kenny’s Brooklyn building’s basement where he held amazing parties over the past 8months.

Dearraindrop are a Virginia Beach art collective coming from the exiciting art renaissance in Providence, RI at the turn of the last century and coming into prominence five years ago in their breakout solo exhibition at the now-defunct John Connelly presents. Since then they have brought their specific blend of dystopic pop explosion to Galleri Loyal, Deitch Projects, V1 Gallery in Copenhagen, Iconic Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal, The Arken Museum in Denmark, and the Dreamland Artist Club in Coney Island.

Kenny and Dearraindrop spotted each other across a crowded Deitch Art Parade in 2005 and have been collaborating through the mail ever since. They share a love of cartoons, thrift stores and street junk, underground comics and graffiti, customized clothing, technical painting, collaging and hot glue gunning.

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